Chant for A Pandemic                 5:08                         2020

This is a collaboration between video artists around the globe. We wanted to share our common experience with this pandemic. There are no boundaries for anxiety, fear, grief and frustration. We are all in this long wait together. Today the world is on hold but we will be back. Thanks to all the artists for giving us a glimpse of where they live.

Edited by Dee Hood, Music by Tushar Waghela, Chant written by Finn Harvor

filmmakers: @Finn Harvor, @Maria Korporal, @sandra Bougerch, @ Tushar Waghela, @Muriel Paraboni, @Lisi Prada, @Eija Temiseva, @Ian Gibbins, @Jutta Pryor, @Sarah Bliss, @Darko Duilo, @Gwendolyn Audrey Foster, @Erick Tapia, @lori Ersolmaz, @AvantKinema, @Sarahjane Swan, @RogerSimian, @Lino Mocerino, @Francesca Giuliani, @Luis Carlos Rodriguez, @Dee Hood, Willow Morgan


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